12 Blogs of Christmas – Jennifer Ellis

Today’s installment of the 12 Blogs of Christmas comes from author Jennifer Ellis. Jennifer lives in the mountains of British Columbia where she can be found writing, spending too much time on skis, and working as an environmental researcher. She has two boys, an eighteen-year-old cat, and a husband who doesn’t want a dog. She… More 12 Blogs of Christmas – Jennifer Ellis

12 Blogs of Christmas: A Memo to the Big Guy

Hi, everyone! I’m so psyched to be shoulder-to-shoulder with these wonderful writers in the 12 Blogs of Christmas event put on by Martin Crosbie. So let’s keep the fun rolling. Confidential Memo to S. Claus To: S. Claus From: Joey the Elf, Vice President and Public Relations Director, North Pole Re: Christmas 2014 Status Update… More 12 Blogs of Christmas: A Memo to the Big Guy

Why Not a Duck?

Pearl Luke is a lovely, generous woman. A bunch of years ago, she published one of my favorite short stories, Why Not a Duck, on her website, Be a Better Writer. As the calendar flipped to November, I thought about that story, which takes place on Thanksgiving. In the spirit of the mission of the site,… More Why Not a Duck?

Halloween Treats

All that’s left of Halloween here in North America is to clean up the smashed pumpkins and tuck away the leftover candy before you can eat it all. I wanted to share one of my submissions to JD Mader’s Two-minute Flash Fiction. A little treat that won’t send you to the dentist. Happy November!

Flash Dance Fiction

The Friday Flash Fiction Happy Hour at JD Mader’s website is just getting happier…well, when it’s not being check-under-the-bed creepy. So many amazing stories, so much creativity in once place I swear I saw the Internet dip down in one corner. Here are a few of my pieces, inspired by changing seasons and changing lives.… More Flash Dance Fiction

My Favorite Banned Books: The Grapes of Wrath

Like most people trundled through the American public school system, I was coerced into reading a selection of “classical” literature as a teen. Because I didn’t like the way it was taught in my district—all this emphasis on theme and metaphor the author might not even have intended—I didn’t enjoy it all that much, little… More My Favorite Banned Books: The Grapes of Wrath