Things That Make Me Head-Hopping Angry

AngerI get it. For every writing rule, there’s a writer breaking it and it WORKS, and that drives some people nuts. I’ve seen it; I’ve done it. My answer to “How many point of view characters can I have?” or “Can I write in second-person-plural-with-a-twist-of-lime?” or pretty much anything else except for the proper use of the semicolon [I love my semicolons; don’t make me come down there] is “It depends.”

Many writers have been taught that head hopping, or bouncing back and forth between multiple point-of-view characters, is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG and you should NEVER do it or we will all, as a body, smite you and take away your laptops.  Continue reading


An Inside Look at Today’s Book Reviewers

I’d planned to write something tonight but how could I resist sharing this by Big Al, the first guest–posting reviewer on Writers In The Storm. Great explanation of the role of a book blogger and how authors can better target the ones they approach.

Writers In The Storm Blog

Writers In The Storm is pleased to welcome Big Al, our first reviewer!

BigAlLooking at the posts on the Writers In The Storm Blog and reading the bios of the contributors I was reminded of one of my favorite things to say about what I do: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, review.”

I know, not very original, which is at least part of the reason why I’m not an author.

Assuming this blog’s readers are as accomplished and varied as the contributors, what could I have to say of value? I was told that I’m the first reviewer to guest post here, which means the range of subjects should be wide open, right? The request even included a few ideas. Rather than say a lot about one thing, I decided to say a little on two subjects, the world of book reviewing in general and how to…

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What Are the Real Costs of Self-Publishing? Wrong Question…

This is interesting but one thing JW Manus wrote puzzled me. Do any readers value quantity over quality? I know that fun and entertainment are valuable, but why should that mean they go out with minimal or no editing?

QA Productions

Last week a friend sent me the link to this article: The Real Costs of Self-Publishing a Book. He wanted to know my take on the issue.

The article seems to have gotten the facts right. It is possible to pay zero out-of-pocket cash to produce a book and it is possible to pay thousands.

I’m not overly bothered by the self-serving nature of the article. The author, Miral Sattar, is the founder and CEO of BiblioCrunch, a matchmaking service for authors and publishing professionals. So of course she’s going to focus on how very, very important it is for writers to pay for professional services. No fault there. I think ebook formatting is very, very important, so every article I write on this blog is focused on making ebooks. Professionals in any area of expertise are convinced their specialty is the most important part of any process. I…

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How To Write By The Seat of Your Pants

My outliner writing friends wonder how I can be a “pantser.” This article I found today is pretty much how I do it. Your actual mileage may vary.

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

If anyone out there outlines (and succeeds by this method), please leave a comment below because I would love to feature a guest post on the plotting method.

There is no one method that works for everyone.  You need to write in whatever way will get the book finished.  Some of us write by the seat of our pants, others need to plot everything out ahead of time, and others fall somewhere in between.  Today, I want to talk about writing by the seat of your pants because I am that type of writer.

Now for the post…

1. It all begins with knowing your genre.

And when I say “an idea”, I mean that is pretty much it.  There is not much more to it than that.  I write romances, so I know a couple of things going into any book.  I know there is a hero and heroine…

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About the Coffee Thing and Other Things

Strange golden smoke taking away from coffee seedsWriting and coffee. Has a nice, cuddly ring to it, yes? I picture a rainy day, a steaming mug, a scribe leaning back and conjuring up the perfect metaphor, a fresh pot dripping away in the kitchen. Facebook likes coffee, too. Guaranteed, I could post pointed arguments in defense of the serial comma, diatribes about social issues, and reams of inspirational quotes, but what gets the most traffic? “Two days without coffee and I’m still alive!” Continue reading

Drawing Breath to Help Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Click on the photo to learn more about cystic fibrosis.

Many of you know that I wrote Drawing Breath as a small way to honor a friend who lived into his thirties with cystic fibrosis. Although each person who is diagnosed with the disease experiences a unique level of severity, there is still no cure, and management of the symptoms can require a great deal of time and expense. Often this hits families hardest; since the disease is genetic, multiple children can be affected, like the ones my character, Daniel, meets in the hospital.

Since May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month as well as the anniversary of the release of the book, I wanted to do something special, and I hope you’ll be willing to help me. All proceeds from sales of Drawing Breath over the month will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. This amounts to $4.00 per print book (please purchase print copies through CreateSpace directly, because they take less of a cut) and $1.00 per e-book.

You can buy the book here:

CreateSpace (print)
Barnes & Noble

The foundation is working to increase awareness, help support families, find better treatments and, one day, hopefully, a cure. Thank you, in advance, for your help and support.