Ten Quote Tuesday (#11)

I don’t pay a ton of attention to writer’s quotes about the nuts and bolts of semicolons and adverbs – we all have our own ways of getting the story out – but I do like quotes from writers about writing. My favorites here are from Toni Morrison and Jennifer Egan. Enjoy.

A Writer's Path


Welcome to another installment of Ten Quote Tuesday! If your creative juices have trouble flowing today, then read these quotes and writing prompts to nudge awake the sleeping muse. If there is a particular quote you enjoyed, let us all know with your comments below.

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Thump: Flash Fiction Hangover

Cardinal_2The Flash Fiction Friday Fandango and Fiesta Bake-off on JD Mader’s website keeps getting better and better. More writers join; more magic happens. If you want to read a bunch of great instant flash (just add phosphorus), check out what everyone wrote this week. My three two-minute pieces, some a little longer than two minutes, are here. Note: no small red birds were harmed in the writing of these stories.

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Flash Dance Fiction

iStock_000006569517XSmallThe Friday Flash Fiction Happy Hour at JD Mader’s website is just getting happier…well, when it’s not being check-under-the-bed creepy. So many amazing stories, so much creativity in once place I swear I saw the Internet dip down in one corner. Here are a few of my pieces, inspired by changing seasons and changing lives. Maybe next week you’ll join us for some two-minute freewriting fun.

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Guest Post – Laurie Boris: “I Can’t Write What?”

The gracious Erin McRae and Racheline Maltese, authors of Starling, just released, were nice enough to run this guest post about some things I’ve been thinking about lately. Thank you!


Charlie_Cool_kindle500Today we have a guest post from Laurie Boris, an indie author who has just published Playing Charlie Cool, book 3 in the Trager Family Secrets series.

Laurie tackles a pretty controversial subject who can, and should, write what when it comes to marginalized identities. It’s something Erin and I don’t have a manifesto on, in part because our feelings about it change a lot, and in part because we both often encounter assumptions about who we are (and what that entitles us to write) that just aren’t accurate to our lived identities.

What matters, in the end, of course, is doing your research, telling a story, honoring your characters and realizing, especially when you write identities that aren’t your own, that your words can and do have real life impacts on people.

This is Laurie’s approach:

I Can’t Write What?

I really love when readers contact me. Aside…

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Flash-Fried Fiction

IMG_2749LeavesWe didn’t didn’t completely break JD Mader’s blog this week, but we did succeed at bending it at an uncomfortable angle. Maybe next time. Here are four of my entries. It’s good to stretch a little. Even if the end result doesn’t turn out the way you intended. As usual, only lightly edited for your protection.


The prime directive cannot be disobeyed. I must not interfere. Even though the tiny creature feeds golden thread with pinprick feet toward the twitching whiskers and tail, it is not in my purview to stop it. I can distract for only so long with ear scratches and gentle murmurs, but the instinct must be honored, the shiny object glittering in the sun as it spins toward oblivion must be hunted. Physics does its work; gravity and tensile strength meet the swipe of a claw, shredding hours of labor. Pinprick feet scurry away; the work must be recreated, the silk spooled out, the dance begun again. Continue reading

Playing Charlie Cool: Launch Party!

Charlie_Cool_kindle500Woot, Playing Charlie Cool is live and I’m Snoopy dancing. The fabulous folks at Book Partners in Crime are helping to get the virtual launch going with a one-day book-launch-a-palooza. A whole bunch of book bloggers (scroll down to see the list) will be featuring Charlie today and hosting a raffle for a $30 Amazon gift card and other prizes. I hope you’ll swing by and maybe hit some of those social media buttons to share with your friends.

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