Laurie_promo_pic2Thank you for visiting! Except for saving people’s lives or maybe feeding the penguins at Sea World, working with the written word has to be one of the best jobs around. Or at least I’ve always felt so. I’ve been writing fiction for over thirty years, and so far I’ve published eight novels, two novellas, and a collection of flash fiction. I’m also a freelance writer and editor. My main focus is copyediting fiction in a broad range of genres. Over the past ten years, I’ve edited award-winning authors and bestsellers, those just putting out their first novels and seasoned pros with multiple series and titles in the dozens. Prior to that, I spent a couple of decades editing and proofreading informally for my writing colleagues.

Authors trust me with their work, and I don’t take that trust lightly. That’s one of the reasons you won’t see a price list on my website. I recognize that every author has different needs, so I quote each job individually. Whether you want to self-publish or prepare your project for submission to agents or publishers, my goal is to preserve your voice while working with you to craft a polished manuscript.

On the business writing side, if you want a collaborator on your book, blog posts, or marketing copy, I’m there. If you want to hand me a project you haven’t had time to tackle and send me on my way, I’m there, too. Need a ghostwriter? (That’s my secret identity.)

More About Me

I have a background in marketing and a natural curiosity; both come in handy. As a freelance writer, I’ve covered subjects from health and well being to entertainment and even explored the reality-show appeal of the Madagascar hissing cockroach. I’ve written about zebra mussels and school lunches as a correspondent for a local newspaper, and as the featured health and well-being blogger for a women’s website, I delivered consistently high page views and developed a loyal following.

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