The Kindle Book Review Awards: Finals!

Don't-Tell-Anyone_cover1Most of you might know by now that out of the danged amazing writers chosen to be semifinalists in The Kindle Book Review‘s 2013 Best Indie Book Awards (several are friends and three of those friends are fellow Indies Unlimited minions or alums), the final five have been chosen in each of the eight categories.

I’m still in a bit of shock that out of those amazing books, Don’t Tell Anyone is in the top five in the Literary Fiction category. I’m also Snoopy-dancing for Nicole Storey, making the finals with the first book in her Grimsley Hollow series, and Rosanne Dingli, chosen for her  Camera Obscura. Also, once again I’m standing beside Hugh Howey in a final, and once again grateful that we are in different categories.

Hugh Howey!

Hugh Howey!

Cooler still is one of the perks of reaching the finals. The forty finalists have been asked to write two guest posts for a contest sponsor’s blog: one, a dream interview; the other, a dream review. Stephen Woodfin, the gentleman who sent me the email request, set a high bar for entries. Informal “bragging rights” for last year’s finalists went to, yes, Hugh Howey, for his dream interview done by Natalie Portman while giving him a massage.

So I could not resist having a bit of fun with that. Here’s my entry, Good Things Gone Bad. 

Don’t Tell Anyone is a Semi-Finalist!

Don't-Tell-Anyone_cover1Don’t Tell Anyone is a semi-finalist in the 2013 Kindle Book Review Book Awards and I’m really excited!

Most of all, I’m honored to be there along with many of my writing friends. My category (literary fiction) is a tough one. I don’t know how judges do these things, year in and year out, and I don’t envy their jobs.

Also, this is the first competition in which I’ve entered Don’t Tell Anyone, so that’s a special little thrill.

We don’t find out about the next round until the end of August or thereabouts. I’ll keep you posted!