Laurie Boris

writer, editor, baseball fan, reluctant chef, stand-up comic in a former life

Catering Girl

CateringGirlMaybeFinalFrankie Goldberg, struggling actress and stand-up comic in Los Angeles, can’t keep her day jobs, thanks to her smart mouth and a lot of other bad habits. Now a thirty-something catering assistant on a movie set, she reluctantly agrees to bring a cappuccino to the resident diva. The young star Anastasia Cole is in tears, distraught about disturbing changes in the script. Frankie serves a side of common sense with the coffee, and excited to have an ally, Anastasia offers her the role of a lifetime. It’s not what Frankie had in mind–but being needed might be exactly what she needs. (Catering Girl is a prequel to the romantic comedy The Joke’s on Me.)

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