The 12 Blogs of Christmas

12 Blogs of Christmas (2)Hi, everyone!

I’m so excited to be part of the 12 Blogs of Christmas, and thank you to my friend Martin Crosbie for setting up this blog-hop party for the second year. Twelve days, twelve blogs, twelve authors. We start on December 13. Nothing to sign up for, no fancy randomizer rafflecopter gizmos. Just great writing. I hope you enjoy our stories and memories.

Here’s the lineup. Each day I’ll post a bit about each author, an excerpt from his or her post, and a link where you can read the rest. Happy holidays!

Dec. 13   Ellen Chauvet

Dec. 14   Sarah Lane

Dec. 15   Keith Baker

Dec. 16   Virginia Gray

Dec. 17   Gordon Long

Dec. 18   RJ Crayton

Dec. 19   Jennifer Ellis

Dec. 20   Laurie Boris

Dec. 21   Heather Haley

Dec. 22   Jordan Buchanan

Dec. 23   Cate Pedersen

Dec. 24   Martin Crosbie










Week 11: The Next Big Thing

I need to shake things up a bit. Do something different. Get out of my blog rut. So I’m breaking a few of my own rules. ‘Cause that’s how I roll. So Jacqueline Hopkins-Walton comes along asking for volunteers to pick up where she left off, in a tag-team blogging game where we answer ten questions about our work in progress. Yeah. I’m taking part in a blog-hop game AND talking about my work in progress at the SAME TIME. Now I’m waiting to be struck by lightning.

Off we go…

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