Risk and the Novelist

iStock_000017146993XSmallOne summer afternoon, not too many months after Husband and I had bought our house, I walked up the hill to a neighbor’s. She and her family were hosting a barbecue. We’d been invited to events at their home before, but that was during the winter. As I reached their yard, another neighbor screamed up to me in her little red sports car.

“Get in and hold my watermelon,” she yelled out the window. I asked why, which felt like a perfectly natural question. Weren’t we here already? Where were we going with a watermelon, and why did I need to hold it? She didn’t seem to understand my confusion. We went a couple of rounds and she finally said, “Just get in the freakin’ car already.”  Continue reading

BEA 2013: A quick wrap-up

Hugh Howey!

Hugh Howey!

The temperature hit 100 degrees, I nearly got trampled trying to get a signed copy of Guy Kawasaki’s new book, and I didn’t get to meet Amy Tan or Buzz Aldrin, but I was like a kid in a candy store at BEA this year. It was great to see and hear what’s new in the publishing industry, on both the traditional and self-publishing ends.

If you guessed that services surrounding e-book production, sales, distribution, and promotion were all the rage, you’d be right. Funny, because according to the latest Bowker industry stats (keep in mind that these are from 2011; the new report is due out some time next summer), e-books only make up 3% of all book sales. Expect to see a large jump in this figure when that new study comes out. Continue reading