Hi, my name is Laurie Boris, and I’m a writer and editor. (“Hi, Laurie…”) I’ve been in love with the written word since I was big enough to pull books off the library shelves and point out the misspellings. Okay, I might be a bit of a grammar nerd, but typos bother me. Sloppy writing bothers me. Letting my clients go out the door with the literary equivalent of lipstick on their teeth REALLY bothers me.

Which is why I try as hard as humanly possible not to let that happen to you.

My clients have told me that I make their jobs easier. I take deadlines seriously. I research from credible sources, and produce a quality, proofread product. If you want a collaborator on your book, blog posts, or marketing copy, I’m there. If you want to hand me a project you haven’t had time to tackle and send me on my way, I’m there, too. Need a ghostwriter? (That’s my secret identity.)

What clients get when they work with me is reassurance that their projects are in the hands of a seasoned professional, and the knowledge that they will be done well, done thoroughly, and delivered on time.

No lipstick.

More About Me

I have a background in marketing and a natural curiosity; both come in handy. As a freelance writer, I’ve covered subjects from health and well being to entertainment and even explored the reality-show appeal of the Madagascar hissing cockroach. I’ve written about zebra mussels and school lunches as a correspondent for a local newspaper. As the featured health and well-being blogger for a popular women’s website, I delivered consistently high page views and developed a loyal following.

All that knowledge rolls up into a skilled, versatile freelance writer/editor ready to work with you.

Are you ready?

Drop me a line at lboris845(at)earthlink(dot)com.