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If an army marches on its stomach, can a cook win the war? A dystopian story about food, friendship, loyalty, courage…and what unites us as the world tries to tear us apart.

It’s 2049, in a Russian-occupied America ravaged by civil war. Valerie Kipplander—daughter of the assassinated secretary of state—is thrown in jail. When the regime discovers this daughter of privilege is also a talented culinary student, she’s forced into service in the kitchen of a Russian general whose troops occupy New York. 

The general’s mansion proves a prison of a different sort. The head chef has a mysterious past. The Russians have a more insidious agenda than what they’ve promised. The resistance wants her on their side. And one of the guards wants her dead.

Valerie knows she must take a stand. The risks are monumental, the choices few. But how long can she serve the men bent on destroying her beloved country? [READ NOW)


As one of the first female umpires in the minors, Margie puts up with insults and worse from people who think women don’t belong in baseball. Forget making history—Margie just wants to do her job and be part of the game she loves. She’s ready for the rude comments. The lousy pay. The endless traveling. But when she suspects a big-name slugger of cheating, she has to choose: let the dirty player get away with it, or blow the whistle and risk her career…and maybe her twin brother’s major-league prospects, too. Now it’s up to Margie to make the call. The Call has been accepted as part of the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s permanent archives. [READ NOW}


THE JOKE’S ON MECover of The Joke's on Me

A lighthearted-but-serious romantic comedy about love, trust, second chances, squabbling sisters, and baseball.

Stand-up comic Frankie Goldberg’s Hollywood life falls apart with an exclamation point when a mudslide destroys her hopes, her home, and her entire collection of impractical footwear. She returns to her mother’s B&B in Woodstock, New York, expecting the comfort that home once provided, but continually finds that the joke’s on her. In Frankie’s absence, some things have changed—and some, to her dismay, are exactly as she’d left them. [READ NOW}