Big News!

800px-Flickr_-_Shinrya_-_Brooklyn_^_Manhatten_Bridge_at_NightI’m so excited to start spreading the news. (So excited, apparently, that I’m making tortured New York, New York puns.)

Playing Charlie Cool, (the sequel to short story The Picture of Cool) is in final editing and will be available the first week of October or even sooner, if possible!

But you can pre-order a copy of the e-book from Amazon now, and it will be sent directly to your Kindle on the official “go live” day.

If you’re keeping score, the novel also catches up with the characters introduced in Don’t Tell Anyone. But no worries if you haven’t read that one—while the characters and situations overlap, Playing Charlie Cool and Don’t Tell Anyone are stand-alone stories.

I’ll post again as we get closer. This will include an excerpt, info about a print book giveaway, and (woo hoo!) our final cover design.

And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter if you’d like the latest news and the occasional special offer. (I promise not to spam you.)

Thank you for your time, and now I’ll let you get back to your regularly scheduled Internet hijinks…

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Flash in the Pantone

pantone-book-11Another Friday, another two-minutes-go writing challenge over at JD Mader’s Unemployed Imagination site. We joke each week about “breaking the blog,” but I think this time we actually did it. Flash fiction bits were going up, comments followed, until…well, let’s just say that we kicked some serious interwebs. Here are three pieces I threw down. Hope you’ll pop over to that link and see some amazing writing by David Antrobus, Julie Frayn, Mark Morris, Ed Drury, Leland Dirks, Lynne Cantwell…hope I’m not leaving anyone out…and of course, our own wicked awesome Pied Piper. Enjoy. As always, lightly edited for your protection.

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You Brought the Penguin: Flash Fiction

penguinI have no idea what happens some weeks when we get together to post our two-minute two-steps on JD Mader’s website. On Friday, this happened. Eight-nine comments. Spectacular writing.

Here are three of my pieces. Lightly edited, for your protection. [Note: language some might find objectionable.]


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The Synopsis from Hell by Carolyn J. Rose


As I work on the seventh or eighth draft of my synopsis and then try to get that down to an under-200-word blurb, I’m feeling Carolyn’s pain.

Originally posted on Dames of Dialogue:

For some writers—and I’m one of them—writing a synopsis seems more difficult than writing a book.

Author Carolyn J. Rose

Author Carolyn J. Rose

With a book, there’s plenty of “room to roam,” dozens of pages on which to flesh out characters and enlarge themes. There are opportunities to slow the action to provide sequels to follow tense scenes and add description to set the mood and foreshadow action to come.

But a synopsis must be pithy, a neat progression of plot points, thumbnail sketches, tight but evocative description. It must be a distillation of tone, theme, and character arc.

So when writing coach Elizabeth Lyon suggested I write two versions of the synopsis for An Uncertain Refuge, I came as close as I ever have to giving up on my writing dream and getting out that failed knitting project (Who knew a scarf would be so difficult?) from 1970.

To her credit, Elizabeth’s…

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Flash (Fiction) of Lightning

writerHey, writers, ever get the urge to let your fingers fly without stopping, without thinking? Just let the words flow? It can be a great exercise to loosen up your mind and simply have fun. As most of you know by now, I’ve been doing this on the lovely JD Mader’s website on Friday afternoons. So have a lot of other kick-ass writers, like Mark Morris, David Antrobus, Julie Frayn, Ed Drury, Jt Sather, Yvonne Hertzberger, Lynne Cantwell, Leland Dirks, Jen Daniele, Rich Meyer, Audrey Carden…and that’s just a few of us. For instance, here’s what we did yesterday. What’s great is that there’s no pressure. Write for two minutes (or three, or four, depending on the whim of our puppet master and if you’re timer is working or not) and post in the comments. Respond to other writers’ pieces, if you feel moved to. Or not. Because fun is good. Inspiration is good. The alchemy of writers writing together…can be magical.

Here are the three that popped into my head yesterday. (Unedited, except for typos and egregious blunders, but that’s the spirit.) Continue reading

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The World Inside a Book

6a0148c76e8722970c0147e3cfb865970b-300x300Reading is a huge part of my life. I have my parents to thank for that, because they always encouraged us to read and value books. They read to my two brothers and me when we were small, and there were always books in the house. When I buzzed through my school’s and community library’s collection of “age appropriate” books, I’d pick up whatever my mom or dad had started and left on the coffee table, taking care to keep the bookmark at their place. If there was a book they didn’t want me to be reading, they knew to keep it out of my sight! (Most of the time.) Continue reading

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Flash Fiction in Triplicate

file00066854965When Friday afternoon comes around, I’m ready to play a little. Lately that means hopping over to JD Mader’s website and “posting my two” as we’ve started calling it. Grab a timer – mine’s been failing me lately – write for two minutes (usually) and post it in the comments. Even if you’re not into writing exercises, check out all the great writers who are just killing this thing week after week. Anyway, I’m not sure what caught me by the tail this time—a little nostalgia, or wondering what happened to Aunt Sylvie and her cats, perhaps?—but when I started, these three pieces popped out. [Edited just a tad for spelling and eye-rolling grammar errors.] Continue reading

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