More Wordplay

Here’s some fun wordplay to shake your brain around. Open a new document, close your eyes and type the FIRST WORD or PHRASE that comes into your head that starts with A.  Add a space after it and immediately type the first word that comes into your head that starts with B. Keep going. Don’t think, just type the first thing that pops into your head. Don’t worry about skipping letters or repeating themes or patterns. Do as many rounds as you want until you start to feel giddy and brazen, or until you are typing random strings of letters that, while spelling a fine and even heroic word in Old Norse, couldn’t pass for English in any subculture of the English-speaking world. Here are some of mine:

androgyny Battista California Denmark England first gunfight hostage indescribable  jackass  Kalamazoo  meddle  Nancy Reagan  Oscar the Grouch  proofreader  question  Rastafarian  Satan  Tony Award  underling  West Coast  X-Ray  yellow fever  Zulu

apple beast  chastity  devil  equine  festive ghostly harridan  internal  Jason Ritter  Kraft Macaroni and Cheese  Louisiana  manatee  nuts  open  Pasha  queue  root beer  seditious  truck  undervalue  vestigal  wiggle room  xenon  yowl  zither

androgynous  Babylon  carrot  dolomite  elephant  Fashion Week  ghastly  horrific  indescribable  jackal  kickball  locomotive  Mouseketeer  nicety  opinionated  pup  query  rendezvous  storyline  trackball  underling  vast  worldly  Xerxes  Yahtzee  Zabar’s

ask better cherry dogma estuary flash gerund hello indolence jasmine Kremlin lollipop mastodon nevermore opine pistachio querulous rotund stalagmite truculent undermine veronica wishbone Xavier yesterday zephyr

Want to give it a try? Let’s see some of yours!

3 thoughts on “More Wordplay

  1. JenD says:

    Ha! This was so much fun. Here’s mine:
    Aerosmith bumbling canard doody evil frumpy grandiose hexagon icicle jezebel kick lemming manolo blahnik Negroponte Oregon Portland query ring ding stately truvia uvula vlog wax on wax off xylophone yack zeta

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