My friend Sally posted this exercise on her blog, and I loved it. Soon I’ll be doing interviews, so I figure this was a way of dipping my toe into soul-baring waters. Or just to have fun. If you like this, maybe you’ll want to try your own.

Me from A to Z

Age: 49. But in cat years, I’m a mere child.
Bed Size: King. Which is not as great as it’s cracked up to be. And king sheets cost more.
Chore You Hate:  Waxing anything.
Dogs:  Can’t have one right now, which makes me sad. But if I could have one, he or she would be cuddly, toilet-trained, shed-proof, antibacterial, and would whip up a mean margarita.
Essential Start of Your Day:  Slow, deep breathing before I get out of bed. It helps relax my muscles and get more oxygen into my body, to help wake me up.
Favorite Color: I’m a purple person.
Gold or Silver:  Bronze. There’s less pressure when you come in third.
Height: 5’3-1/2″
Instruments You Play(ed):  Piano, recorder, and two or three chords on the guitar, but I’ve forgotten it all. Everyone else in my family got the music gene.
Job Title: Ghostwriter. Author. Typo hunter. Finder of Husband’s inhaler. Schedule coordinator.
Kids:  What? I was supposed to have kids? I didn’t see that in the contract.
Live:  In my head most of the time.
Mom’s Name: Brenda. Or just, you know, mom. She answers to both.
Nicknames:  They were horrible. Kids are mean. And very creative.
Overnight Hospital Stays:  Ask me again after a few of Spot’s margaritas.
Pet Peeve:  Inappropriate cell phone use.  You know, to keep a table level or scrape your windshield. That really pisses me off.
Quote From a Movie: “Some days you win. Some days you lose. Some days it rains.” (Bull Durham)
Right or Left-Handed: Left
Siblings:  Two biological brothers. Six step brothers and one stepsister. So you can pretty much torment me all you want–I can take it.
Time You Wake Up:  Whenever the drugs wear off.
Underwear:   Not right now, but usually.
Veggie You Dislike:  Lima beans. Yuck. Okra. Yuckier.
What Makes You Run Late: Husband doing laps around the house making sure he hasn’t forgotten anything, and turning down thermostats.
X-Rays You Have Had:  Right thumb, broken at 9 when a bunk bed ladder fell on it while I was trying to get a recalcitrant cat out from under the bed. Karma’s a bitch. Left middle finger, after unfortunate encounter with an X-acto knife. The knife won. Entire spine, at one point or another, and dental x-rays.
Yummy Food You Make: Lentil soup! I’ve been making this recipe since I was a starving, broke college student because it’s cheap, nutritious and filling. And it goes great with cornbread. I will never touch another packet of Ramen noodles, but I can eat lentil soup every day.
Zoo Animal You Like Best:  Penguins! I’m not thrilled that any animal is in a zoo, but these little guys have stolen my heart. What does it mean the penguin is my totem animal?

If you don’t want to try this yourself, just try picking one letter and answering that question in the comments below.