The Brave New World of Self-Publishing

Cover_January_2013_2Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing this link to an article by Nina Shengold in the January issue of Chronogram, an arts and culture magazine that serves the Hudson Valley area of New York.

It’s a look at the growing number of authors in the Hudson Valley area—a kind of mecca for traditionally-published writers–who have chosen to self-publish their books.

Nina surveyed twenty-two authors to craft her article, plus asked local bookstore owners and even literary agent Jean Naggar for their comments.

I was one of those authors. My last two novels were self-published, and if you look very closely at the lower-right corner of the photo with the article, [the chick wearing what looks like a Muppet around her neck] I’m holding both of them. I also edit and proofread for authors, mainly of the indie variety. If you’d like to hear more about what I do or how I can help you, please drop me a note via the “contact” form on my website.

Thank you to multi-talented local author and publisher Brent Robison for the idea for this blog.

One thought on “The Brave New World of Self-Publishing

  1. acflory says:

    Grats Laurie! What a great idea. And what a nice boost to the perception of indies. We need it.

    Just yesterday, as I was madly trying to catch up on my blogger friends when I stumbled on a post that floored me. I’ve known this particular blogger for a while but it was not until yesterday that I realised she was one of the many who had been burned by bad indie books. The purpose of her post was to highlight a site called GalleyCat which features good indie books. She was saying how happy she was to discover that there were good indie books out there. 😦

    I pointed her towards Indies Unlimited, of course, but it left me wondering how many other potential readers we lose because the overall standard of indie books is still so low. I guess we just have to keep on slogging away at changing that perception, so every positive step helps.

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