A Little April Foolishness

The-Jokes-On-Me_Cover_webEver play a great April Fool’s Day joke? Switch the contents of the sugar bowl with the salt shaker? Stick down all the desktop items in your office mate’s workstation with double-sided tape? Pfheh. Amateurs. Let’s get serious. I’m giving you a fictional unlimited budget. Punk away in the comments below.

You have until April 2 at 5:00 p.m Eastern time. Best idea for a prank wins an e-book copy of The Joke’s on Me for either Kindle or Nook.

Have fun!

6 thoughts on “A Little April Foolishness

  1. Beth says:

    There’s one and only prank I ever pulled (on purpose, anyway). My young son and I mixed grape, orange, and lime jello, which turned out to be a lovely coffee-colored shade of brown. We poured the jello into the carafe from the coffee maker, and put it in the fridge. Just before my husband came into the kitchen, I put the carafe back in the coffee maker. When he tried to poor the coffee, nothing happened. We laughed and laughed. And then we all got spoons, and ate grape-orange-lime jello.

  2. Candy Kormanandy says:

    For years I went to the biggest Tango dance in NYC — Luna Milonga — every Monday night. At five minutes before 11 the host, Rebecca, makes announcements and ends with “If you’ve come by car and parked on 19th or 20th streets, go move your car before 11 or it will be towed.” For years no one budged. Most people don’t drive to a Milonga (dance) in Manhattan and those that do already knew about the parking situation.

    One year, when April 1 landed on a Monday, my dance partner Steven & I started whispering to everyone that they should run to the door when Rebecca made her announcement and to spread the word. We started our campaign at 10 and word spread quickly. At that time, there were 150, 175 dancers every Monday, but dancing means a lot of people circulate around the studio so the instructions were easy to pass along.

    As soon as she mentioned running out to move your cars, everyone thundered toward the exit and Rebecca stood in shock. Then, when the crowd trickled back, she laughed and a few people greeted her with “April fools!.” She didn’t find out it that we were behind it for weeks.

    It was a great gag.

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