Social Media: Have You Got It All Wrong?

Interesting…how effective have your social media efforts been at selling books, those of you who sell books?



WARNING: This is one of them long ones. Better go get a fresh cup of coffee before you start…

We all know I love publishers. I still hope, should I ever finish The Novel, to be published by one of them. Say silly things like legacy or gatekeepers, or use something as serious and tragic as the Irish potato famine—or rape or Stockholm Syndrome, for that matter—to describe the relationship between the author and the business that has risked its money to get that author’s book to market, and you go straight onto my Naughty List.

(Well, there isn’t actually a Naughty List. Who has the time? I will roll my eyes at you though.)

I don’t believe for a second, for instance, what is pretty much an accepted ‘fact’ by the majority of the self-publishing community: that traditional publishers don’t publicize and/or care about the books they publish. I’ve…

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2 thoughts on “Social Media: Have You Got It All Wrong?

  1. acflory says:

    “those of you who sell books” – LOL!

    I just read that post and it was an eye-opener for me. Don’t agree with everything, especially the defence of trad. publishers but her comment about social media being like word of mouth on a grand scale literally floored me. Feel like I’ve had a road to Damascus moment. Thank so much. 🙂

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