Fissured by Lynne Cantwell: a review

PWC 2 - FissuredOnce again, Lynne Cantwell has kept me up past my bedtime with Fissured, the second book in her Pipe Woman Chronicles, just because I needed to know what happened next. Blending into the evolution of the relationships between the characters from the first book is a storyline about hydrofracturing, or “fracking.” [A subject close to my sensibilities because we’re fighting it here in New York.] This was woven into the story in an organic way, so it didn’t feel preachy to me. Adding to the strain of the budding relationship between Naomi and Joseph is a potential spanner in the works in documentary filmmaker Jack Rivers. I like these characters. I really like the interplay between the “real” characters and their fantasy doppelgangers, and I love Naomi’s friendship with Shannon. What worked so nicely in the first book—Naomi’s wit and cynicism at being dropped into this world with a huge weight on her shoulders—still works here. I’m eager to keep reading!

9 thoughts on “Fissured by Lynne Cantwell: a review

  1. Jeri Walker-Bickett (@JeriWB) says:

    A book that causes lack of sleep for want of continuing to read it is always such a great gift! Just wanted to let you know I’m still following your blog, but I’m adding you to my RSS reader rather than following via WordPress.

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