Traits of the Successful Author—Discernment

This post by Kristen Lamb hit home with me today. I edit, write, and do my other wordly tasks with such ferocity. But sometimes I need to pick my head up out of my work, because the world hasn’t stopped moving just because I closed my writing room door.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Many of you who follow this blog have a dream to be a successful author. This requires writing, social media, blogging, revisions, and on and on and on. It’s a lot of work and life, family, kids, day jobs, and housework all provide tempting distractions. The past two days here in Texas have had gorgeous weather and I just wanted to go do something outside and enjoy the balmy temperatures before being thrust into three months of triple-digit hell.

But I needed to finish my revisions. Sigh.

Tuesday, I spent all day with a paper copy of my new book doing line-edits for the umpteenth time. I was finding stuff three other outside editors missed. I worked until my vision was so blurry I couldn’t keep going. Wednesday? Instead of going outside? I finished entering the revisions.

Ah, Life

I was going to indulge in sleeping in today and maybe…

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3 thoughts on “Traits of the Successful Author—Discernment

  1. jimdev7 says:

    Saw this post on Kristen’s blog this morning, I emailed it to my wife. It hit home for me too. Good choice for a share.

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