efestival2013I’m so excited! Good things aren’t normally supposed to happen on a Monday, but last Monday I found out that Drawing Breath had been nominated for an award back in May and has been selected as a finalist in literary fiction! I wouldn’t have been aware of it at all if not for a random Google search on the book’s title. I love Google.

In case you were wondering, the Festival of Words is a virtual book fair. It celebrates digital books published by indies and small presses. The eFestival itself takes place during 23 to 25 August, during which the winners of their awards will be announced.

Now the fun starts. Winners are chosen based on the amount of votes we get from fabulous readers like you, and if you have a few minutes, I’d love your votes!

The process only looks a lot more complicated than it is, so let me explain.

1. Go to this link to register for the forum.


You need to register in the eFestival of Words forum in order to vote. Registration is free. After you enter your info and hit “submit,” your registration is complete. Ads will show up, but feel free to ignore all of them. The ads are just part of the forum.

2. After you are registered, go to the Awards Hall, at this link:


Each category (Drawing Breath is under literary fiction) has a separate thread. Scroll down and click the category you want to vote in, and then enter your vote.

You might also want to check out the other categories. For instance, M. Edward McNally has been nominated in Action/Adventure for The Sable City (Book One of The Norothian Cycle), one of my favorite indie books, as well as under some other categories, including best fantasy, best plot twist, and best villain.

See, it’s quick and easy. Thank you so much!