Aw, nice, a little indie love!

The Whimsical Musings of a Menopausal Miss

As an avid reader I was delighted to discover the world of Indie Authors.  Six months ago I had never heard of them, or the term.  How happy I am to have been introduced into their world. I am now a huge fan of the whole concept of Indie writers and I think supporting them is a great use of my time.

So what is an Indie Author?

ALLi  – The Alliance of Independent Authors suggests a definition of Indies as;

Being an independent author is an approach to writing and publishing, a matter of self-definition. If you see yourself as the creative director of your books, from concept to completion and beyond, then you’re indie. And you make partnerships that help you deliver the best possible book to the most possible readers, trade publishers included.

I recently came across an interesting site that celebrates the independent author, the site, 

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