Fiction author Laurie Boris answers the Dames Dozen

I’m hanging with the lovely Dames of Dialogue today. Come by and we’ll talk about coffee and books and writing and stuff.

Dames of Dialogue

The Dames are pleased to welcome back fiction author Laurie Boris. Hi, Laurie! Tell us about your latest book, Sliding Past Vertical.

SlidingPastVertical300Sliding Past Vertical is not a typical love story. Sarah, a graphic artist, has made a few mistakes…okay, a bunch of them. Her life in Boston has not turned out the way she planned and everything is going wrong, including her codependent relationship with a charming-but-kinda-sleazy guitar player. Fortunately, her old boyfriend Emerson (no stranger to codependent relationships himself) is just a phone call away to help her clean up the mess. When her current mess is too big to handle, she decides she needs a radical change. This move puts her back in the same college town where Emerson still lives. And much too close for everyone’s comfort.

Sounds great! Can you share a little bit about what you’re working on now or what’s coming next?


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