The gracious Erin McRae and Racheline Maltese, authors of Starling, just released, were nice enough to run this guest post about some things I’ve been thinking about lately. Thank you!


Charlie_Cool_kindle500Today we have a guest post from Laurie Boris, an indie author who has just published Playing Charlie Cool, book 3 in the Trager Family Secrets series.

Laurie tackles a pretty controversial subject who can, and should, write what when it comes to marginalized identities. It’s something Erin and I don’t have a manifesto on, in part because our feelings about it change a lot, and in part because we both often encounter assumptions about who we are (and what that entitles us to write) that just aren’t accurate to our lived identities.

What matters, in the end, of course, is doing your research, telling a story, honoring your characters and realizing, especially when you write identities that aren’t your own, that your words can and do have real life impacts on people.

This is Laurie’s approach:

I Can’t Write What?

I really love when readers contact me. Aside…

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