How to Grab a Free Copy of Playing Charlie Cool

Charlie_Cool_kindle500Despite the current kerfuffle about whether reviews still matter, I still believe that they do. For a couple of reasons. Authors, especially independent authors, depend on word of mouth from readers to get the word out about their books and reach a wider audience. More than any other source, readers surveyed by the IndieBRAG people say that this is how they most frequently decide to pick up a book from an unknown author: because a friend recommended it.

I also believe that reviews are for readers, and not as much for the author. Once I hit “publish,” my stories essentially belong to the world…and you guys. Your review helps other readers decide if this is a story they want to read.

With that in mind, I’ve enrolled my latest novel, Playing Charlie Cool, in a review program sponsored by The Choosy Bookworm. If you haven’t checked out this website or signed up for his book recommendations, it’s well worth your time. Jay, head Bookworm, is really supportive of authors and has been doing a great job to build up his site. And if you hop over to his website, you can get a free e-copy of the book in exchange for your honest review. Why not also peruse the other books you can read and review, too?

[Note: While Playing Charlie Cool is listed under “Romance,” it’s not a romance novel. And while it’s technically the third book in the Trager Family Secrets series and the sequel to Don’t Tell Anyone, it can be read as a stand-alone story.]

Thank you for your time. What influences your decision to pick up a book? Just curious.


4 thoughts on “How to Grab a Free Copy of Playing Charlie Cool

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    If it’s an author I like, that’s probably my biggest motivator to pick up a book, or if the book is the next in a series. Aside from that, it falls to the premise. If that draws me in, I’ll read the first page. If I’m intrigued, the book goes on my TBR list. My very, very long TBR list…

  2. Mel Parish says:

    Like Carrie, if a book is not by an author I like or part of a series I’m reading, it is the title and the blurb that will draw me in. And if that ‘new-to-me’ author’s book resonates, I will work my way through their back list. Usually the only time I read reviews is after I’ve finished a book which I haven’t enjoyed as much as expected, out of curiosity to see whether anyone else felt the same way or I’m just having a bad day! (Especially if it was by an author I like.)

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