Hot Off The Press

Hot off the Press from Carol Wyer’s blog… more raves for DV Berkom’s latest Leine Basso thriller, The Body Market.

Facing 50 with humour.

When you find a good author whose books you thoroughly enjoy, you can’t wait for their latest release.  I have a passion for thrillers but too often I read what I expect to be a top thriller only to be disappointed by characters, or the ending. Thrillers can disappoint big time.

Some time ago came across D.V. Berkom. In fact, I have mentioned her before on this blog. Now this is an author who knows how to write!

Her latest book, The Body Market was released on the 8th January 2015 and my goodness what an exceptionally good book it is too.

It is another in the Leine Basso series. Leine is a heck of a heroine—no-nonsense, gutsy, savvy and intelligent. Unlike some female lead characters, this one is credible and is one that you, as a reader like—hugely.

I will not reveal the plot because that is what…

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