The Clean Reader Ap Uproar

Mark Twain once said that the difference between the right word and the wrong one is the difference between lighting and a lightning bug. I choose my words with care and like to think I get them all in the right order, but it’s done for a reason. With intent. I hate the idea of some app that will strip my intent because of a few words some readers might find “objectionable.” I don’t think I”m all that salty, but still. There’s a reason I’m all over the interwebs crowing about Banned Books Week every year. Because words mean things. And a watered-down version does not have the same meaning. Thank you, DV Berkom, for posting this.

One thought on “The Clean Reader Ap Uproar

  1. Lynne Cantwell says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Laurie. I agree with you and Daphne — when my characters swear, it’s for a reason. Readers would not be well-served to use this app on any of my books.

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