Mindfulness and the B Word

iStock_000006823591XSmallIt’s alarming enough to have something growing on your body that’s not supposed to be there without the added joys of waiting for a professional to tell you what it is and what should be done about it.

Several times in my life, these stowaways have required a biopsy. So far, most have been benign or at least precancerous, and they were handily dispatched. Right now I’m wearing a bandage on my left temple while a recent removal is healing. It’s benign, which is one of my favorite b-words.

But don’t fret—I’m not here to get all TMI about icky skin things.

It was the wait that got me thinking.

I’m sure it’s not intentional on the part of the office staff to leave me hanging overnight to call about test results in the morning. Not the first time that’s happened, either. But there I was, alone in the house with a message I couldn’t return, an answer I didn’t have.

I did the human thing for a few minutes and worried. What if I wasn’t lucky this time? I’m from a family of fair-skinned people who have dermatologists on speed-dial. What if it required more treatment, more cutting, more money I didn’t have?

And then it hit me.

I’m alone in the house. My husband works from home. I’m almost NEVER alone in the house. And there I was, wasting that precious time and energy with worry about something I couldn’t control. Something I didn’t know. Something I couldn’t, at that moment, know, unless I felt like getting my stalker on and paying a visit to the dermatologist’s office, and perhaps the local jail.

I smiled.

Then I bopped around the house doing my bad Annie Lennox impression, had a conversation with a few of my characters to work out a few of their issues, then sat down to edit for the rest of the evening, without a thought that my style of reading aloud would bother anyone.

If I’d spent that evening coiled like a spring, regardless of the test results, I’d have regretted it. Learned from it, maybe, but regretted it.

Score one for living in the moment and not letting the worry win.

9 thoughts on “Mindfulness and the B Word

  1. DV Berkom says:

    Glad to hear you got the good “b” word! Hilarious post. I need a dance day–some vintage Stones, perhaps, although Annie would certainly do the trick 🙂

  2. acflory says:

    Go you. 🙂 I’m olive skinned but have had other worrisome waits, so I know… oh yes, I know. I’m very relieved it’s all okay. As for being home alone….aaaah, the serenity. 😀 Sorry, that’s an oldish aussie joke. -hugs-

      • acflory says:

        lol – are you sitting down? Okay, have you heard the term ‘bogun’? In the US it might be something like red-neck. Well, there was this hilarious aussie movie called the Castle about a bogun family who tried to talk the talk but didn’t quite get it right. One example of this is when they go to their holiday house on the banks of Lake Eildon. Beautiful setting, clean perfect water and they go out on a speedboat messing up the environment. The comment that goes with this visual irony is ‘Ah, the serenity.’

        Sorry, you did ask! -runs away-

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