Laurie Boris

writer, editor, baseball fan, reluctant chef, stand-up comic in a former life

The Call: A Baseball Novel

A rookie umpire has to choose: her integrity or her baseball career

As one of the first female umpires in the minors, Margie puts up with insults and worse from people who think women don’t belong inbaseball. Forget making history—Margie just wants to do her job and be part of the game she loves.

She’s ready for the rude comments. The lousy pay. The endless traveling. But when she suspects a big-name slugger of cheating, she has to choose: let the dirty player get away with it, or blow the whistle and risk her career…and maybe her twin brother’s major-league prospects, too.

Now it’s up to Margie to make the call.

Available from Amazon (Kindle Unlimited).
Read an excerpt here.


What readers are saying about The Call:

“From the first page, the author grabbed my shirt in two fists, yanked me close, and did not let me go until the last page.”

“Reading this book is a good call – for everyone, whether you’re into baseball or just a damn good story.”


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